The Vivadental Institute is an international centre of training and scientific research, specialising in implant dentistry and perfectly prepared for offering education. Since 2003, we have given professional training in implant dentistry and implant prosthetics, as well as dental surgery and guided bone regeneration, with aesthetic medicine and cosmetology added since 2019. More than 500 dental practitioners from Poland and abroad have already availed themselves to training at our Centre, and our webinars have been joined in by more than 2000 participants. 


Join us and develop your surgical skills and professional competence with us


The educational programmes are developed carefully and the training is given by outstanding specialists and practitioners of the top clinical and academic centres, as well as prosthetic laboratories both in Poland and abroad.  Employing innovative methods and approaches to teaching, they share their knowledge and experience accumulated over years of practice they study and broaden continuously to incorporate the most modern solutions generated by technological progress.


The participants in our courses obtain exhaustive answers to any questions they might have.  Shedding doubts, they acquire unique knowledge and skills they tap on when performing educational surgeries on patients, first under the direction of experienced operators, then in their own dental practice.


The training profile is continually modified and flexibly enriched to include the state of the art technologies and achievements of the modern medicine, and its scope is dictated by the vital needs of advanced Patient treatment and rehabilitation processes.


The Vivadental Institute makes use of all forms of education – lectures, phantom practice, watching surgeries live, assisting in them, performing procedures on patients, analysing and discussing surgeries both live and recorded on video, on-line consultations of operations performed by the graduates at their own surgeries, and webinars.
Used in the training process are the most up-to-date solutions of the contemporary dental medicine, traditional and virtual techniques.  The innovative teaching methods and practices enable studying surgical procedures in their minute details whilst consolidating the correct practices at each stage.


Success of the training taken at the Vivadental Institute is measured not only in knowledge, but most of all in what the dentist will be able to perform on his/her own at his/her own surgery.


The lead training, Practiculum of Implant Dentistry, is acclaimed the most advanced and professional educational product for experts in implant dentistry, focused on practice.  Most our course participants introduce implant treatment into their own practice as early as during the training itself.  Broadening the options of treating their Patients, they consolidate their own position in the ever more competitive market of dental services, which ensures them an advantage and further development.


The educational surgeries on Patients are performed in a spacious and excellently lit operating room fitted with top quality surgical instruments which meet the needs of all kinds of training, plus a Dräger anaesthesia machine, since advanced procedures are performed in assistance of an anaesthesiologist.  Video transmission from the operating field, displayed on large-format 4K screens, ensures excellent visibility of the most minute details, thus contributing to the comfort and quality of the training.  The operator makes use of the TK scan displayed opposite his/her post, which substantially pertains to his/her concentration and orientation in the surgical environment.


Practical training on models and animal preparations takes place in a spacious and excellently lit workshop room fitted with 16 individual stands equipped with complete set of instruments and devices used during the surgeries.  The practical training is supported with lectures broadcast on large-scale 4K screens which ensure excellent visibility of all details and direct account of the procedures taking place in the operating field at the operating room.  The adjacent foyer offers rest, having a coffee break, or lunch adding to the friendly and homely atmosphere.


Lectures are given in cosy interior of the spacious and soundproof hall capable of accommodating up to 60 persons.  A large-scale 4K screen creates ideal conditions to make presentations during the lectures and watch surgeries performed live at the operating room in high close-up.  Thanks to it, the participants in the course almost participate in the surgeries too.  The lecturing hall can be used for training, conferences, and small meetings with discussions held with a cup of coffee in hand.

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