Mariusz Bołzan
Dental practitioner

Mariusz Bołzan

Graduate of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, specialist in periodontology.  Implant dentistry and mucogingival surgery are his passion he has devoted his professional development to.  Treating patients at his ‘Biała Szuflada’ [‘White Drawer’] clinics, he employs the skills and knowledge acquired at numerous courses, workshops, and scientific conferences both in Poland and abroad.  


He demonstrates great ease in sharing his comprehensive and specialist knowledge of mucogingival microsurgery, soft tissue management, and guided bone regeneration.  He fills the extremely important and sensitive educational niche related to improving the condition and durability of the implants placed, as well as the aesthetics and functionality of implant prosthetic restorations.  He has years of experience in education, including practical classes with students of the doctoral studies at the Department of Periodontology, PMU.  He is particularly meticulous about accurate and precise completion of procedures the quality of which is of key significance for effectiveness of reconstructive surgery and curbing the development of the periimplantitis phenomenon within the neighbourhood of the soft and hard tissues around the implant. 


At the Vivadental Institute, dr Mariusz Bołzan gives training in soft and hard tissue surgery.


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