Szymon Frank

Szymon Frank

Graduate of the Medical Academy in Warsaw.  For years, he has lectured at the @Division of Dental Surgery, Department of Dentistry, Medical University of Warsaw.  In 2016, he was conferred the scientific degree of PhD, medical sciences.  His doctoral dissertation concerned ‘Comparative Analysis of the Local Methods of Treating Post-Operative Hypothermia Following Surgical Removal of retained third molars in the Mandible.’


During his studies, he took practical training abroad at the Dental Implant Cosmetic Dentistry in Atlantic City, USA.  He participates in numerous courses and scientific conferences.  He has authored publications and convention reports in dental surgery, and his particular interests focus on implant prosthetic treatment and bone regeneration techniques. 


At the Vivadental Institute, Szymon Frank, MD PhD, gives training in maxillary sinus lift under the closed and hydrodynamic methods.


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Aleja Zwycięstwa 48, 80-210 Gdańsk


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