Adam Nowicki

Adam Nowicki

Graduate of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin.  In the year 2017, he was conferred the PhD degree in medical sciences for his research on disorders of the masticatory apparatus.  He specialises in full-arch prosthetic restorations using digital protocols, from the planning stage and up to the moment the finished product is delivered. 


He is oriented particularly on implementing innovative solutions and process digitisation in treatment protocols.  He develops his interests continually at various training sessions and workshops which inspire him to improve the treatment processes and create individualised solutions in treating patients.  He exemplifies them in his ‘Diamante  Clinica’ clinic in Lubin and at training sessions for physicians, as well as his ‘free time’ which he devotes to his passions linked to studying the innovative and unceasingly developing technologies.  One of them is the 3D print.  As for another one, the augmented reality (AR), he perceives a chance of employing its spectacular potential inherent in broadening and superimposing images in the implant treatment process, where the properties may be of use in surgery navigation and education.  


At the Vivadental Institute, dr n. med. Adam Nowicki gives training in digital planning in implant dentistry and immediate loading.


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