The Vivadental Institute is an international centre of training and scientific research, specialising in implant dentistry and perfectly prepared for offering education. Since 2003, we have given professional training in implant dentistry and implant prosthetics, as well as dental surgery and guided bone regeneration, with aesthetic medicine and cosmetology added since 2019. More than 500 dental practitioners from Poland and abroad have already availed themselves to training at our Centre, and our webinars have been joined in by more than 2000 participants. 


Join us and develop your surgical skills and professional competence with us.

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Practiculum of Implant Dentistry

Violetta Szycik
Małgorzata Piotrowska
Adam Nowicki
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Implant Prosthetics for beginners

Małgorzata Piotrowska
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Narrow arch permanent retainers

Marcin Stasiak

Practice and surgical skills form the key element of the educational system; surgeries performed on living Patients by Mentors or under their direction dominate most courses.  The course participants may perform the surgery or take part in it as assistants, or watch the procedures in the operating field at high magnification on a large-size 4K screen. 


The surgery block is preceded with lectures and practical training on models and animal preparations, as well as simultaneous studying of surgical procedures using the materials and equipment employed during surgery.  Perfect mastery of surgical procedures ensures excellent preparation for performing surgeries under the eyes of Mentors. 


Practice is the foundation of the educational system, but practice is founded on knowledge.  During the lectures, Mentors share their extensive knowledge and clinical experience.  They analyse not only success stories, but complications too, pointing to the risks and alternative ways out of difficult surgical situations.  The acquired knowledge translates to prudence on the one hand, and mores elf-confidence when performing the procedures on patients, and a broader range of surgical solutions.


Training sessions offer not only an excellent occasion to discover one’s unique surgical talents, but also to make new, fascinating acquaintances, share experience, ad broaden the horizons.  We build fantastic, friendly atmosphere where respect, kindness, and companionship prevail.  All this encourages our Course Participants to continue their education at the Vivadental Institute and combine in with stay in the very heart of the beautiful, historic Gdańsk which offers numerous tourist attractions and entertainment at any time of the year.

The education Partner of the Vivadental Institute is the ImplantyPolska.pl portal – the exclusive distributor of the Axiom implant system and of advanced products for dentists by Anthogyr.  The AXIOM system is incredibly friendly and simple, and its operation intuitive.  Characteristic of the implants themselves is their durability and extraordinary options they offer both in terms of implantation planning and execution, and in terms of the aesthetics of the reconstructed denture.  They are intended for all clinical cases, for filling any dental deficiencies, and implanting in all kinds of bone of the lower and upper jaws.  The system gives the dentist absolute freedom in the surgical field at any level of advancement.  It ensures top quality, precision, comfort, and safety at each stage of implant prosthetic treatment.  Participants in the training can avail themselves to a special starter offer of the Axiom system and use the implants in their own practice as of session one of our training.






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