Marek Wiligała

Marek Wiligała

He is one of the top authorities in laboratory dental prosthetics. Mr Wiligała set up a laboratory of world standard in Chojnice. The Wiligała Prosthetic Laboratory is a family firm with more than 30 years of achievements and tradition going back to two generations, passionately devoted to the art of dental techniques.  His advanced technologies and digital solutions are reached for by physicians all over the country.  They have inspired many to adequately perfect the process of prosthetic and implant prosthetic reconstructions in their clinical part.  


Marek Wiligała is also a known and appreciated lecturer eager to share his practical knowledge and observations in the area of interdisciplinary procedures in the prosthetic treatment process, developed in his own practice and gained at numerous training sessions and symposiums both in Poland and abroad.  


At the Vivadental Institute, Mr Marek Wiligała, dental technician, lectures on cooperation between the dentist and the laboratory in prosthetic restorations.


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